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About Us

Blooming Botanicals, a family owned and operated business, has been a leading CBD brand since the Farm Bill was signed in December, 2018. Caregivers since 2009, we strive to bring the highest quality products to market, with an emphasis on health, sustainability, and unique herbal formulations.

Always having a passion for cannabis, the Blooming Botanicals team is extremely excited to now offer marijuana products to dispensaries and provisioning centers, beginning in 2021 with premium, terpene rich, flower, grown right here in Michigan.

We look forward to releasing new products early 2022 for both novice and experienced cannabis consumers. To get notified of new Blooming Botanicals strains, products, and offers, enter your email here.


Apple Fritter (available now!)
Malibu Mirage (coming soon)
Zcrasher (coming soon)
Unicorn Breath (coming soon)


(coming soon)


(coming soon)

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We're excited to be partnered with the fantastic team at
Franklin Fields here in Lansing, Michigan. They take great care
in curating a luxury, clean, high end product from start to finish.

Currently Avalable in...

Botanical Co.
Lansing, Tawas, Kalkaska

Big Rapids

Blooming Botanicals is a proud family business based in Lansing, Michigan. With our diverse backgrounds of sustainability, holistic health, horticulture, community development and spirituality, we strive to create a company that gives back. Learn more about our initiatives here.

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